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Bring Luck and Success in Work, Love and Education with the Power of Crystal Tree

Crystal Gem Stone Tree is made in multi-color natural gems with golden thread. This gem tree mixes with several different kinds of gem stones: rose quartz, citrine, amethyst, aventurine, smoky, agate, etc natural gemstones.

Crystal tree delivers wealth luck to you.

✅ This tree brings pleasure in your life.

✅ Keep this tree for a profitable life.

✅ You can use this tree for very long life.

✅ This tree reduces unfavorable energies from your house.

✅ Crystal tree can help you in reducing your depressive disorders.

Crystal Gems Tree is a special fortune tree having a number of crystals. Crystal tree is most effective for achievement, prosperity, victory and health. People make use of Crystal tree for long and prosperous life. This tree provides serenity at the places where it is placed. This tree works well for reducing the negative energies around it. Crystal tree is advised to people who have depression and long illness. Besides being potentiated with Cosmic Energy, by energizes/consecrates Navratna Tree with mantras, superbly combining with some other potent verses, prior to being forwarded to you.

Here are some specific placements of the crystal gems tree:

👉 On your Study or Work desk to to improve your Memory and Focus to your Work and to bring good fortune.
👉 The Northeast corner of the student’s bedroom for Educational Luck and success luck in their studies.
👉 Positioning a crystal tree in the earth center of the house will enhance Compassion and Energetic Harmony between family members.
👉 Right Corner of Your Bed for good Mental and Physical Health.
👉 To increase luck in the areas of Love and Romance, family harmony, as well as the well being of the family matriarch, display this Wish-fulfilling Crystal Tree in the Southwest sector of your Bedroom or main family room.

Placements according to the feng shui Bagua 8 Aspirations formula: 

The Crystal Tree will also have the most effect in the Southwest Sector, because it is of the Earth element. It will assist in facilitating closeness between spouses or rejuvenating a lagging relationship
The Northwest Sector of your home or desk, in the tradition of the 8 Aspirations Formula, is where you should place a crystal tree to help attract Gui Ren or mentor luck. This type of luck brings you a great benefactor from a higher station in life to help you on your way. This phenomenon is attributed to the metal-attracting force of the earthy gemstone crystals.
The crystal tree can also be placed in the Southwest sector of your home or bedroom. This is where it will have the strongest luck because it is in its natural earth element. It is known to bestow love, harmony and well-being in both your intimate and family life.

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